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Lawangwangi Group is a living & lifestyle spaces creator, revolving around art, design and culture
since 2012.

Lawangwangi means ‘Alluring Gate’ in Javanese—a fitting name for us as we welcome visitors and investors to tour around our list of destinations and places. Our places have alluring thematic concept, infused with local heritage to preserve Indonesian culture and tradition. We aim to progressively make irresistible destinations, where elements of beautiful nature, art & design, as well as local heritage can be seen, felt, and experienced.


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Brimming with vision and passion for art and science, Andonowati continues her venture with innovative business ideas and the humble heart of an educator.

Andonowati’s journey started on the science field, where she received her PhD degree in mathematical physics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 1995. After working as a Researcher and Faculty Lecturer at McGill and Scientific Manager for Extended Programmes in Applied Mathematics (EPAM), she came back to Indonesia in 1999 to work at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) as the Associate Professor. Together with Prof. E (Brenny) van Groesen, she then founded an independent research institute called LabMath-Indonesia (LMI).

Her art journey came to fruition in 2007, when she initiated ArtSociates and opened Lawangwangi Creative Space two years later. Her passion for art continued to grow as she envisioned a bigger project with wider reach: Bandung Contemporary Art Awards—an annual awards to encourage young talented artist to develop ideas in art and visualize them using diverse media, launched in 2010.

Currently, Andonowati is the Chief Director of PT Lawangwangi who focuses on hospitality industry integrated with art and nature. With more than five big projects under her belt, she keeps coming up with innovative ideas to spread knowledge and her love for art to the younger generation.


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PT Lawangwangi aims to be the leader in developing destinations of where elements of beautiful nature, art & design, and local heritage can be seen, felt, and experienced. We believe in good business, thus our business praactices consistently respect the ecological aspect and encourage the growth of creative economy.